In this interview, Don MacPherson is joined by Justin Reich. Justin is an assistant professor at MIT and the director of the MIT Teaching Systems Lab. Don and Justin discuss the future of education, focusing on the impact of COVID-19, online learning, demands on the education system, and how technology will (or will not) disrupt the way we learn.

Season Four of 12 Geniuses is dedicated to exploring the future and how life is sure to change over the next decade. This episode explores the trends that are reshaping the way we learn and how the new educational practices will be implemented in the years to come.

Check out the Failure to Disrupt Virtual Book Club Podcast!

In the Fall of 2020 Justin Reich invited guest presenters and students from MIT for a ten week book club exploring themes in Failure to Disrupt. Now he has turned into a Podcast to relive those discussions and offer more insights.