July 1, 2020

Reich’s TeachLabPodcast invites guests to share a wealth of information

Catch up on all the Podcasts hosted by Justin Reich throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Sorted from newest to oldest:

Reich, Justin and Nathanial Vaughn. (May 1, 2020). Emergency Remote Learning in Middle Schools. TeachLab Podcast.!2612c

“when I was a brand new teacher, my department head used to say…. every time you assign an essay, you’re assigning 75 different essays. The experience that your students have writing this is just going to be so different for each student. And that was in normal non-crisis pandemic times, I feel like that advice is magnified a thousand times now.”

Reich, Justin and Martin West. (April 20, 2020). Remote Learning Guidance from State Education Agencies with Martin West. TeachLab Podcast. Retrieved from!888e4

“Particularly for our youngest students, we’re asking our K-12 teachers to, at a distance, train parents to homeschool their children. I was thinking today that it’s a little bit like asking grocery stores to become greenhouses. It still has to do with food and there’s still sun and there’s still light and it’s connected, but it’s really a pretty different kind of thing. It’s less different in high school perhaps, where as soon as students become more independent, maybe it looks more like what happens at school. But I think this coached homeschool model can give us some insights about what it is that schools are trying to accomplish during periods of remote learning and school closure.”

Reich, Justin (April 10, 2020). Online Learning in the Age of COVID-19. TeachLab Podcast. Retrieved from!ff245

  • Partner with Students and Faculty
  • Identify and Support Disadvantaged Students
  • Consider Emphasizing Asynchronous over Synchronous Learning
  • Strategically Reduce Learning Goals
  • Help Students Form Study Groups
  • Prioritize Time for Individual Connections
  • Plan for Remediation

Reich, Justin, Meghna Chakrabarti, & Amardeep Khalon. (April 2, 2020). Higher Education’s Pivot to Online Learning. TeachLab Podcast.!3dfa6

 “One of the things that we know about teachers when they start using education technology is their first instinct is to do whatever it is that they were doing before, more or less the same way, which is I think why we’re hearing so many faculty saying, “Well, I’m just going to take my lectures and do them over Zoom. I’m going to take my course discussions and do them over Zoom.” But it’s a good time to think about how challenging that’s going to be both for lots of students and for lots of faculty to try to maintain that over the next couple of months.”

Reich, Justin & Tavares, Laura. (March 26, 2020). Facing History with Laura Tavares. TeachLab Podcast.!e6ccb 

“Who are the kids that are really going to struggle and I need to help? Who are the kids going to be okay? And then who are the kids who I’m pretty sure can teach a bunch of this to other folks? And how can I take the folks who are really my most dependable, most trustworthy folks and help them form small groups, connect with other people and things like that.”

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