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Join our Failure to Disrupt Virtual Book Club this Fall.

Join Justin Reich, guest presenters and students from MIT for a ten week book club exploring themes in Failure to Disrupt and implications for remote learning this fall. Every Monday from 3-4pm ET, starting September 21. 

Listen to Justin discuss with how teachers are using more technology today, but the essential model hasn't changed that much, despite tech proponents argument that algorithim and peer-guided learning can transform the system.

In this episode of Cool Science Radio Justin delivers a sobering look at the educational technologies that promised to upend traditional approaches to schooling, as the United States reckons with the possibility of long-term distance learning due to widespread COVID-19 school closures.

"Killer apps" and robots have not reduced the need for good teachers; the author joins us to explain.

If all the adults in the house lose their job and the only person who can work is in high school and is assigned shifts during the day, it’s not that schools are totally powerless to address that situation,” he said. “But you’re asking schools that are already under tremendous strains to take on responsibilities that are probably better addressed by other forms of social policy.

He jokingly sums up the learning outcomes of MOOCs with a simplified observation he calls Reich’s Law: “People who do stuff do more stuff, and people who do stuff do better than people who don’t do stuff.”