Justin Reich was sought by local Boston and national media as an expert in online and distance learning throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to offer insights on what research shows can help shape policy.

“MIT students are brilliant, have many experiences learning online, and are a tremendous resource. Ask them for help in your transition, and ask for their advice about how they individually learn online or their best experiences in online courses.” 

“Publish good projects and learning resources. Make them accessible. Disseminate widely. Check in with students. Solicit feedback. Plan for re-entry. Schools that do a few simple things well, listen to stakeholders, and plan for the future will likely be in the best position on the other side of this crisis.”

“Amid the intense pressure to get remote learning right, right now, it may seem inconceivable to devote scarce resources this May to imagining handwashing routines in September. But experienced crisis managers in many other settings have learned the hard way that in the midst of emergencies, the future has a way of crashing down more quickly than could be expected.”

A recent paper from Justin and his colleagues in response to the pandemic.