Justin Reich is a learning scientist interested in learning at scale, practice-based teacher education, and the future of learning in a networked world. His professional work is motivated by a desire to transform the architecture of education away from centralized, hierarchical models of teaching and towards distributed, networked models of learning. He studies, designs, and advocates for learning systems that shift education from something done to learners to something done with learners, from channels of dissemination to webs of sharing.

His writings have appeared in Science, The Atlantic, Educational Researcher, the Washington Post, Inside Higher Ed, the Christian Science Monitor, and other publications. Justin started his career teaching wilderness medicine, and later taught high school world history and history electives, and coached wrestling and outdoor activities.

Justin is a co-author of two books: Best Ideas for Teaching with Technology: A Practical Guide for Teachers by Teachers and The iPad Classroom: From Consumption to Curation and Creation. His academic work has been published in Science, Educational Researcher, the Journal of Learning Analytics, Social Education, Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education, and other venues. His opinion writings have been published in The New Yorker, The Atlantic, Harvard Education Letter, Washington Post, Christian Science Monitor, Providence Journal, and other publications.For several years, he wrote the EdTechResearcher blog at Education Week.

Justin has taught in a wide variety of settings. He was a camp counselor and trip leader at Camp Chewonki, a lifeguard and CPR instructor with the American Red Cross, a search and rescue instructor with the Blue Ridge Mountain Rescue Group, a wilderness medicine instructor with Stonehearth Open Learning Opportunities, and an international expedition leader with World Challenge Expeditions. He taught at the Shackleton school, an expedition-based school, and he taught freshman world history and electives for seniors at the Noble and Greenough School, where he also coached wrestling and co-led the outdoor activities group.

Justin served as Outstanding Educator in Residence for the Academy of Singapore Teachers, a Digital Media and Learning Summer Fellow with the MacArthur Foundation, and a member of the 2012 class of Emerging Leaders for the International Society for Technology in Education. He is a member of the Digital Learning Advisory Council for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and serves on the advisory board of the Chewonki Foundation. He was the 2018 winner of the MITx Teaching Award, and the 2019 Jan Hawkins Award for Humanistic Research in Education Technology.