“Why you should read Justin Reich’s essential new book before planning your school’s next big educational technology-related initiative.”

Published in September 2020

Justin Reich is the OG of MOOC research. Patient zero when learning science and scaled online education first collided. As a researcher at Harvard and then MIT, Reich and his collaborators conducted the foundational investigations in which subsequent research on postsecondary online learning at scale has been built.

I’m not sure if Reich is as famous outside of learning science and online education circles as he is inside. He should be. Maybe his important new book, Failure to Disrupt, will bring Reich to a broader academic audience.

Failure to Disrupt is exquisitely timed to our pandemic moment. While not about higher ed during COVID-19, as Reich tells both a longer story and one that encompasses both postsecondary and K-12 education, the book should be required reading for everyone thinking about the post-pandemic university.

Keep Reading: https://www.insidehighered.com/blogs/learning-innovation/%E2%80%98failure-disrupt%E2%80%99-learning-scale-and-higher-ed-after-covid-19

Check out the Failure to Disrupt Virtual Book Club Podcast!

In the Fall of 2020 Justin Reich invited guest presenters and students from MIT for a ten week book club exploring themes in Failure to Disrupt. Now he has turned into a Podcast to relive those discussions and offer more insights.